Stylist Studio Atelier

Dolores Tommasi

The artist

The artist Dolores Tommasi at the Academy develops the artistic and creative foundations at 360 degrees.
High fashion designer and entrepreneur of her eponymous brand, where the dresses are unique garments like ethereal fabric sculptures, consecrates one consolidated parallel passion for Art Nouveau in material painting . Opt for the inclusion of fabrics, metals and mirrors in all of his works that are therefore considered unique and unrepeatable. Her works become the must have in furnishing accessories for homes, shops, restaurants and various luxury locations. 
Her exhibition "High Creative Fashion and Art" decrees his success in the Milanese circle of VIPs .
Of those particular material creations she makes a careful study of personality, managing to develop lines that start from art for end up in the heart of the emotions of its most attentive admirers .

The inspiration

When I start a new picture I always think about my life, a straight line that branches out at some point.
The roads are many

The paths are never linear, but jagged, with angular volumes to interpret the difficulties of existence
From these lines I wander from time to time, the emotions become rocks that hide gold, silver and copper mines.

Threads that flow, metals that strengthen, mirrors to pause and look inside.

Stylized shapes where everyone interprets their own soul, dark or clear, in a contrast of colors and lights in which to get lost.

Commission your artwork

Commission your material painting  to the artist will be very simple. Just choose the  size, tone and nuances that will perfectly match the your furniture.
I would speak directly with the artist and you together will design yours very personal piece of art. Among the most interesting options you can choose the insertion of mirrors or a portrait photo, in order to make the work unique and special.